…..we hope to provide a platform for rational debate.

There is, for instance, a rational argument for right wing government; government that shrinks the state, lowers taxes, allows its people to decide what to spend their money on; but also by extending the personal liberty of its people expects them to assume more personal responsibility.

Left-wing government is more problematic, since by its nature it wants to grow the state in order to facilitate influence in all aspects of peoples’ lives. We can see all the good that has been achieved by the Left post-war. But balance has to be restored to the debate, and there is no balance without a proper right-wing perspective.

Which brings us to the extremes – racism, homophobia, sexism, chauvinism, elements of nationalism, anti-immigrant. These cross all political borders, but somehow in the past 60 years the Left in the West has convinced us all that these are right-wing matters.

They are not. Unions were/are racist. They were/are also sexist, and homophobic. So we at The New Colloquium will talk about ‘the extremes’. Not, in these terms, the extreme right, or the extreme left.

The extreme left can quite properly be discussed in terms of Trotskyite entryism, punitive taxes on the highest earners, and an education curriculum that emphasises a Socialist view of the world

The extreme right can quite properly be discussed in terms of a State which is too small to do its job properly. We are entitled to expect our government to defend its realm, to police our streets and to provide a justice system which deals with criminals and civil disagreements. Beyond that, but not necessarily within State ownership, we are entitled to expect clean water, education that is fit for purpose, a health service that is fit for purpose and provision and maintenance of all infrastructure required for us to go about our daily lives, earn our living and fulfil our own destiny.

At The New Colloquium, we believe in equal opportunity. But that does not mean that there will be equality of outcome. We think it is ridiculous, for instance, to set a target that 50% of us should go to university. Why? If 50%, why not 70%, or 100%? Tuition fees were introduced because we simply cannot afford to pay for university education for more than, say, 20% of the population – which just happens to be the level of attendance when attendance was free. This is the kind of unintended consequence of Left-wing tinkering – based on supposed class-envy, and an ‘all must have prizes’ mentality.

You will find discussion of all these matters and more at The New Colloquium, discussion in terms you might not have encountered before. We invite your participation, but we ask that it be in respectful and rational terms. Please.

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