It was Hillary's to lose; the world pays the price

Hillary Clinton practically ignored the rust belt in her Presidential campaign. She also largely ignored rural America. Just as it was Al Gore’s to lose in 2000, it was Hillary’s to lose in 2016. Clinton shares responsibility for Trump’s victory.

America has, as the UK and the rest of Europe has, an underclass that has been ignored for 30 years. Ignoring these people won’t wash any more. It will take two generations, but they have to be brought back into the fold.

As shameful as their behaviour and opinions are felt to be, is it not just as shameful that they’ve been left to their own devices for decades – liberal politicians and their supporters hoping they’d just disappear? Washington even has a term for where these people live. They call them ‘the flyover states’. In case you missed the nuance, these are places you fly over, but don’t visit. They don’t matter.

It is, no question, extraordinary that a man who will be dogged by his own language, his own ignorance, his own dishonesty and his own stupidity is to lead the ‘free world’ for four years. But it is no surprise that America found its own Nigel Farage to wake the sleeping beast.

Realistically though, I’m pretty sure the ties that will bind him are robust enough to stop him doing immense damage.

An American friend says Trump will tear down the ‘delicate liberal fabric’ that Obama constructed is. That is, surely, self-explanatory?

If it is so delicate, that means it is clearly not built from strong materials.

The delicacy of liberal society

Sweden, for instance, has had a liberal society for decades. No-one would ever have described it as delicate. But all that’s been required to start tearing it apart is unemployment and unwanted immigration. Beasts have been unleashed that everyone thought long-vanquished: Jew-baiting, Muslim-baiting, other forms of racism, wife-beating and other crime – serious problems now in Sweden.

A liberal society can only be built on the basis of equal opportunity, good education and full employment.

Hillary's to lose
This interview never happened. Whoever created this lie, helped Trump to victory, because if this is a lie, so might be everything else said about him.

Liberal America really only lives among the 40 million or so people who live along (some of) the west coast or around New York, and other odd pockets like Austin or east Nashville. That’s a hard sell – the values of 15% against the values of 85%. Delicate indeed.

And someone among this 15% took the time and the trouble to create this internet meme (right). Never happened. People Magazine did not interview Donald Trump in 1998, and has no archive article on file in which these words were said. Also, no-one was talking about Fox News in 1998. Rookie error.

Still, someone made it up, and now it’s an internet ‘meme’, a ‘truth’ that’s travelled round the world. Doesn’t make him any less disgusting a person, but what a waste of energy making up lies about people rather than debating their ‘truth’.

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