"Put an end to finicky EU," says French PM

French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls

by Sir Thomas Crapper

The Czech Foreign Minister says Jean-Claude Juncker, should resign. Lubomir Zaoralek blames the President of the European Commission for Brexit.

Smaller countries like the Czech Republic are resistant to further integration. They specifically do not subscribe to a federal Europe. Juncker, though, appears to be pressing the case for an even speedier journey down that road.

And as the UK’s views on such matters no longer have validity, France and Germany are openly discussing new EU-wide security structures. Prior to the referendum, Britain had been objecting to the plans.

But even insiders are airing different opinions. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, said: “We have to put an end to this sad and finicky Europe. It is intrusive on details and desperately absent on what’s essential.

“We must break away from the dogma of ever more Europe.”

In contrast, Juncker’s immediate reaction to the UK’s vote was, “Alright then. Get on with it.”

By Tuesday he was saying there would be no talks until Parliament triggers Article 50 (official notice of our intention to leave).

Meanwhile, widespread dissatisfaction with the EU is now coming to the fore. Polls in Sweden, Holland, Germany and Spain show disapproval ratings in the mid- to high-40s.

In France it is a staggering 61%. Not surprisingly, in Greece it is 71%.

Summing up the feelings of many, Benedict Spence, writing in The Independent said: “One man has made me more certain than anything else that we have made a difficult, painful, but correct decision. That man is Jean-Claude Juncker.

“If ever there was a symbol of the arrogance of the European Union and its utter contempt for its citizens, it is this man.”

Where Angela Merkel had spoken diplomatically about not turning Brexit into “a nasty divorce” said Spence, Juncker demanded that Britain must “face consequences. This undemocratic bureaucrat would rather punish the British for exercising their vote, even if such punishment damages the greater European economy.”

Benedict Spence’s article here

Junker told he must go article here

Members disapproval of ever closer EU

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