Cameron's u-turn: 'No' vote is fine

David Cameron has told the CBI: “I want to debunk an argument put around by those who say ‘Stay in Europe, come what may’. Some people seem to say that really Britain couldn’t survive, couldn’t do ok outside the European Union.

“I don’t think that is true. Let’s be frank, Britain is an amazing country.

“It’s got the fifth biggest economy in the world.

“We’re a top 10 manufacturer.

“We’ve got incredibly strong financial services.

“The world wants to come and do business here. Look at the record of inward investment.

“Look at the leaders beating a path to come and see what is happening with this great country’s economy.

“The argument isn’t whether Britain could survive outside the EU.

“Of course it could.”

The official ‘debate’ about the EU Referendum has been a disgrace. Both sides have lied and tried to scare us into their camp. Very few (maybe two people) emerge with any credit. The headline above this post is misleading – because the u-turn it describes is not the one it implies. In the context of this debate, however, that would be the mildest form of cheat.

Worst of all has been David Cameron himself. Cameron’s u-turn from that thumping rebuttal of the merchants of doom – which occurred only in November – has been spectacular. Now, a scant few months later, he’s telling us house values will drop, we’ll all be worse off by £4,300 a year, the economy will go into a nosedive, the economy will shrink. Etc, etc.

It is fair to ask: What responsible Prime Minister would put to the people of his country a question where the answer ‘No’ would result in social and financial Armageddon? If voting to leave is going to be such a disaster, why did he call the referendum in the first place?

One of the two who come out of this mess with any honour is Lord Owen, who simply asked: “Where is the biggest risk? The biggest risk is in the collapse of the Euro. Can we get out before the collapse? Greece could default.” He also referred to the massive problems in Spain and Italy (which, lest we forget, is technically bankrupt).

No-one is talking about the probably inevitability that the whole edifice will collapse in due course whatever we vote. Except Lord Owen, and Daniel Hannan – to whom nobody is listening.

Three days to voting, it might be worth spending some time catching up on what they have to say. Unless you’re fine with Cameron’s u-turn and other spinning motions that are making your head hurt.

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