Reasons for Brexit: 12-20, including Barack Obama rebuked

The arguments from both sides are misleading and confusing the public. Largely this is because they are presenting different conclusions using the same information sources.

Reasons 1-10
Reason 11 – Turkey

12. Barack Obama warned that if the UK votes ‘Out’, we would go to ‘the back of the queue’. The very next day, an official in the US Office Of International Trade flatly contradicted Obama. “Clearly, the UK is not too small to have an FTA with the US if we have one with Oman.”

13. Some very influential people insisted the UK should join the ERM. It was a disaster. We had to leave in a big hurry as interest rates increased by 50% in one day.
The same people later insisted we should join the Euro. We didn’t, of course, join the Euro. Is anyone still arguing that was a bad decision?
And now these very same people are among those telling us to vote to stay ‘In’ the EU.

14. Social democratic parties in EU countries haven’t been in this much trouble since the end of the second world war. They have only themselves to blame for the rise of the so-called ‘right’.

15. The EU is close to negative economic growth.

16. Greece’s requirement for another bailout is being swept under the carpet until after the UK referendum. They will be back for at least another €100bn.

17. Similarly, Italy’s problems must, sooner or later, burst to the surface. If Italy was a company it would be in receivership. Effectively, it is bankrupt.

18. When the German people vote in next year’s election they will send a clear message to their current masters and those at the EU: we are tired of being the ‘bank of Europe’. Watch out for Frauke Petry. Read more here.

19. All of this, plus unemployment for tens of millions – most disgracefully 21% of all under-25s across the EU – means the Euro has to go. It can collapse, or it can be tidily buried. But it has to go.

20. No-one knows anything.
Don’t listen to the numbers and the predictions of gloom – from either side. All that matters is that:
a) in whatever form, the EU has to have a democratic mandate. Currently, it does not; and
b) we provide opportunity for jobs for our children and grandchildren. Currently, the Euro is a massive obstacle to that; and
c) if we’re not prepared to stand up for democracy and jobs, what are we prepared to stand up for?

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