Reasons for Brexit, number 11: Turkey

Oh look! That nice Mr Erdoğan’s country borders with Georgia, Iran, Iraq and Syria. What could possibly go wrong?

Reasons for Brexit, 1-10 are here. More will follow.

But today, Turkey.

Is Turkey actually going to join the EU? Are 75 million Turks really going to gain the right to come to the UK and eat our babies?

That last bit might be a clue. Probably not, on all counts.

So why is Turkey a reason for voting Brexit?

Well, again, it’s the EU, stupid. The sheer lying hypocrisy of the so-called ‘deal’ of one-for-one refugees (no, me neither) in return for ‘serious consideration’ of Turkish membership was nothing but a cynical ploy.

It was designed to shove the refugee problem off to one side while appearing to do something about it. It would also create the impression of bringing Turkey onside in the fight against Isis.

But as Andrew Marr pointed out to Penny Mordaunt in a notoriously edited YouTube clip, currently showing as a propaganda meme on a Facebook page near you, each member of the EU has the power of veto over any new member. (Each member state, mind. Not each voter).

Now, if that isn’t another piece of utter hypocrisy, I’d like to know what is. Britain is always being told that it is like a spoilt child, always looking through the EU window, never actually sitting at the table, never fully committed.

And now we are being told that we should stay in for the very reason that we are allowed to look through the window, never actually sitting at the table. It’s suddenly a good thing that we’re never fully committed.

And by the way, if you look at the full video of Mordaunt/Marr, a fair person might – as I did – come to the conclusion that what she was saying ‘no’ to, was the idea that the British people have a say in whether Turkey joins or not.

But the edited version – which has led to her being accused of ‘plain and simple lying’ – shows Marr stating that each member state has a veto, and Mordaunt saying, ‘No’.


It has been edited right at the point where her frustration begins to show, that Marr is not allowing her to make her point that the British people would have no say in whether or not Turkey joins.

To which you might reply, “Well, we vote our government in; so that is our voice.”

But we never voted any government in on a manifesto which included the ceding of our right to self-determination. Did the Greek people vote to adopt the Euro? Did the Portuguese? Poor Portugal – one day a pot of jam was the equivalent of 30p; next day it was nearly £2. No wonder their unemployment rate is nearly three times that of the UK.

This is the club the UK has never fully committed to. A club that will talk turkey to Turkey, with fingers crossed behind its back; or allows Albania and Serbia to join the queue. Do we have any idea how much of our crime – particularly human trafficking and drug smuggling – is committed by these gangster countries?

Brexit is the UK’s opportunity to sit the EU down and give it a good talking to. We won’t be on our own. Greece and Hungary would like a word too, as would several other countries.

Do you really want to be part of an undemocratic bureaucratic organisation that trades refugees for false promises?

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