Bernie Sanders: an instructive Q&A

by John Ford

A few people have asked me the same questions about Bernie Sanders. So let’s have a little ‘as-if’ Q&A.

1.Is there a path for Sanders to win the nomination?

2. Is it complicated?

3. Can you answer it in a word?

4. OK, smartass, what is the word?

5. Fine, how about in a few more words?
OK, if I must. He’s going to need huge turnout in order to get the 58% of remaining delegates he needs, and so far, turnout has been surprisingly modest.

6. And he’s not getting that non-white vote, is he?

7. You’d think–
No, you wouldn’t. You really really really wouldn’t.

8. Oh come on, I want to know. Why don’t African-Americans and Latinos jump on the Bernwagon?
OK, let’s just say that while it’s HRC that some claim has a reputation for mendacity, the guy who talks about fighting his whole life for the little guy gets zero traction with the groups that have spent their lives being bullshitted by white folk.

9. Well, what about all those open primaries?

10. Huh?
There’s competition for votes in open primaries for a change. While a great many people who don’t normally vote in primaries will turn up to vote for Sanders, it’s also possible that 1) many of them will turn up in the Republican primaries to vote against Trump and 2) will turn up in the Republican primaries to vote for Trump.

11. STFU!
You asked. Evidence, anecdotal as it may be, shows a significant overlap between Trump and Sanders voters, because such a great many of them are driven by inchoate rage against a system they view as rigged against them. They are more interested in that than in fixing the problem, which is arguably easier to do with the support of a candidate with an actual power base. But, whatevs, welcome to “one person, one vote”.

12. Do you think Bernie’ll win?
Nope, but election years don’t get much weirder than this one.



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